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Daniel Mendes

20 de fevereiro de 2015/0/0/

Programação para Web 5+ anos de experiência com desenvolvimento WEB. Experiência Profissional EmpireWeb, Fortaleza Empresa própria de desenvolvimento de software, aplicações web e sites. Projetos: Desenvolvimento de uma rede social e sistema de gerenciamento para cursos de Mestrado e Doutorado de Microbiologia da UNB. Totalmente desenvolvido em Python com microframework, banco de dados MySQL e […]

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Max Nogueira

20 de fevereiro de 2015/0/0/

Web Designer / Diagramador Arte Finalista 10+ Diagramador, Arte Finalista e Programador WEB 2+ anos de experiência com desenvolvimento em PHP. 3+ anos trabalhando com Wordpress personalizando estruturas. Especialidades Linguagens de Programação PHP, HTML, CSS3. Software Photoshop, Indesign, PageMaker, QuarkExpress, Acrobat, CorelDraw, Ilustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks  e Flash. Experiência Profissional EmpireWeb, Brasília Empresa própria de desenvolvimento de software, aplicações web e […]

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João Paulo

20 de fevereiro de 2015/0/0/

Consultor em Desenvolvimento de Software Bacharel em Engenharia Eletrônica com experiencia em sistemas embarcados e desenvolvimento de software. 9+ anos de experiência com desenvolvimento de software em C. 2+ anos de experiência com desenvolvimento de software em C++. 3+ anos trabalhando com Python para testes automatizados, aplicações web e pequenos softwares utilitários. 15+ anos de […]

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Polygon Island

Piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water

28 de outubro de 2014/0/0/

The Perfect Island An island may be described as such despite the presence of an artificial land bridge, for example Singapore and its causeway, or the various Dutch delta islands, such as IJsselmonde. Some places may even retain "island" in their names for historical reasons after being connected to a larger landmass by a wide [...]


Greek paragraphos

Self-contained unit of a discourse in writing

27 de outubro de 2014/0/0/

Brief Specfification A paragraph consists of one or more sentences. Though not required by the syntax of any language, paragraphs are usually an expected part of formal writing, used to organize longer prose. The oldest classical Greek and Latin writing had little or no spaces between words or other ones, and could be written in [...]


A Hyperlink Post

In certain cases an external link is needed

27 de outubro de 2014/0/0/

In computing, a hyperlink is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking or by hovering or that is followed automatically. A hyperlink points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document. Hypertext is text with hyperlinks. A hyperlink has an anchor, which is the location [...]


Nature Is Speaking

Conservation International launches awareness campaign

27 de outubro de 2014/0/0/

Conservation International launches an awareness campaign called “Nature is Speaking” featuring stars such as Julia Roberts and Harrison Ford who personify nature. Will these videos actually change minds? Take a few minutes and listen to it.

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Chasing Your Dreams

A goal without a plan is just a dream

26 de outubro de 2014/0/0/

Music by Tired Eyes ft. Cali P.. Video by Trunk Films.. In February 2010, Trunk followed 23 year old Stephen Green's training preparations in the Cairngorms National Park, for an attempted summit of Mount Everest in May of that year. In the process he aimed to raise over £30k for Cancer Research and Marie [...]

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Time for Slovakia

Breathtaking Time-lapse by Dominika Martincova

25 de outubro de 2014/1/0/

Video by Dominika Martincova HW Used: Canon 600D, digislider, tripods, polarizer.. SW Used: SNS-HDR, Panolapse & Lightroom Music: Wind by Brian Crain After 2,5 years of timelapsing around the world, Dominika somehow ended up at home and realized that there are never-ending possibilities for breathtaking views and scenes. The places that  can be see in the video are regular but amazingly beautiful. You cansee [...]

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